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It is well established that poor dental health puts our pets at risk for heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes and other health issues. While good preventive tooth brushing will be sufficient to keep some pets’ mouths healthy, others require a more proactive approach.

In our pet dentistry practice at San Anselmo Animal Hospital, we review each animal’s individual needs and develop a prevention and treatment plan to fit their needs. Regular anesthetic teeth cleanings for both dogs and cats allow us to clean below the gum line and enable us to detect and treat gingivitis and endodontic and periodontal disease. We are trained in procedures that can help save your pet’s teeth, such as root planing, tissue regeneration therapy and filling periodontal pockets.

In the event that we discover teeth that should be extracted, we are very adept at performing extractions, and we provide multi-modal pain management to ensure that your pet is comfortable post-operatively.